Ancient Olympic Games

In 484 or 480 BC, Anaxilas, tyrant of Rhegium, won the mule biga event, and this tetradrachm was struck in

Ancient Olympia- First settled in 3000 BC. The site of the ancient Olympic Games, celebrated every four years by the Greeks. Olympia was situated in a valley in western Peloponnesus, through which runs the Alpheus River. It was not a town, but a sanctuary with buildings associated with games and the worship of the gods. Olympia was a national shrine of the Greeks and contained many treasures of Greek art, such as temples, monuments, altars, theaters, statues.. a true marvel.

Artist's Impression Of Olympia, Greece, At The Time Of The Ancient Olympic Games. From El Mundo Ilustrado, Published Barcelona, Poster Print x

hee! - Lost History of the Ancient Olympic Games

Period: Classical Greek Artist: Myron Means The Discus Thrower, idealized heroic body, this is a roman copy original was bronze.