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a series of photos showing the different stages of string art on display in an open air space
DIY heart
As an added element in the room, I love this DIY string art heart. I'm planning to make this for my daughter's big girl room and I think it would add a nice touch in this space, too.
two cats sitting next to each other on top of a piece of string art paper
String art Tribute by Cipher
String art Tribute
a person is making something out of paper and some thread on the board with scissors
Girl With A Surfboard
String art how-to... Kind of love this idea for a cheap piece to take up vacant wall space
a paper cut bear next to a purple flower
How-To: Geometric Bear String Art | Make:
How-To: Geometric Bear String Art (white thread on black canvas for a polar bear?)
a large star decoration on the wall above a buffet table with vases and glasses
7 DIY Home Decor Crafts to Make With Rope
How pretty is this mirror? Create your own with just one spool of jute twine and a 14-inch round mirror.
a piece of wood that has been made to look like the state of minnesota
State String Art
Cute idea for couples from different states. State String Art - Sugar Bee Crafts
a woman is working with pink and white pins
String Art Tutorial - An Easy Craft For Kids
String Art Tutorial - string and nails - EASY
a person holding a pair of scissors next to a piece of paper
pliers makes holding the small nails much easier - diy string-art state boards
a woman in a pink dress holding a bag with the words a piece of pavoa on it
DANCE - Jose Romussi
Love the effect of string art over photographs. Especially the burst of colour it can provide over black and white images.
an elephant string art project is shown with the words nursery string art in white letters
Easy String Art for Homes DIY Projects Craft Ideas & How To’s for Home Decor with Videos
Cool and Simple DIY String Art Patterns | By DIY Ready.
the instructions to make beaded letters are shown in four different ways, including thread and beads
DIY string art