Faceted Shirt with flexible 3D fabric - innovative textiles; geometric fashion…

FASHION - IDEAS - Faceted Shirt with flexible fabric - innovative textiles;

Digits2Widgets: Demo of flexible 3D printed "fabric"

It’s 3D Printed, and It’s Flexible

Printing sheets of PFP? Even hard light weight deck flooring?

mojito yogurt ice cream cake with berries

missdailymood: “Miss Daily Mood: Mojito Yogurt Ice Cream Cake with Berries by Fräulein Klein ♥ ”

Textile / Fabric Archives - leManoosh

51 ideas for baskets of rope!


Detailed informations about product by Virtuell with informations about addresses of retailers, picture galleries and different contact tools.

Pleated tank top - fabric manipulation for fashion; box pleats; sewing techniques // J.W. Anderson

Pleated tank top // fabric manipulation // box pleats // J.

7db89812880cdde6dd420209709a583f.jpg (336×504)

An enthusiast art, tangles in gneiss motif and static form are timeless treasures designed in mixed form.

In an aquarium - Palythoa Polyps

Coral - Zoanthid - an interesting design to adapt to Natalie Chanin patterns rather than using an enlarged stencil


TEXTURE- *summer* *delight* I want a bear lake shake right now. Design styles you could pull from this is a white spacey living room with some contrasting REDS and accent pieces.

Church Designer Magazine - Grovemade Reveals Geometric Sleeves

Handcrafted protective sleeves for MacBooks and iPad use laser cut wood veneer and premium German wool.


Give your iPad some personality, with the loud and bright Ataro iPad Sleeve, made of cushioning felt with a laser-cut, hexagonal pattern.

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The Best and most #Delicious #Foods of Pinterest. :)

Food and Travel

Texture & pattern: The Beauty of Blackberries! (If you want to grow gorgeous organic fruit like this, we have just the right organic fertilizer to do it - EarthPods available from our site)

Product: The Versatile Collection - Axis tiles Designer: Yiğit Özer Tiles…

Versatile Arc Ceramic Wall Tile, Winner of red dot award Product Design…

3d printed textile fabric

printed textiles designed by Bradley Rothenberg.

the body, scanned, triangulated, fabricated, and reworn as jewelry. interesting

"UNFOLD design (BE), WRITTEN ON THE BODY -- Unfolding a digital body scan into a pattern and using this pattern to make personal jewels in different materials: silver (arm), porcelain (neck) and leather (belly). The model, consisting of triangular su