Samothraki - Grécia

This is the oldest bread bakery in Hora, Samothraki in Greece. My relatives run this bakery and it is so cute and charming.not to mention delicous!

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A remarkable phenomenon in Samothrace is the formation of natural lakes in which end the waters of the waterfalls. The vathres of the island are more than a hundred in number,.

Niki- Samothraki- Greece . Niki who belongs to Greece and not to other countries Museums - Η ΝΙΚΗ ΠΟΥ ΜΑΣ ΑΝΗΚΕΙ.

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Greece-Samothraki Island

Samothraki Island: A journey from antiquity until today that is unforgettable, North Aegean Sea, Greece

The island of Samothraki

The island of Samothraki




Samothraki - a beautiful island of forests and olive groves, springs and waterfalls and some of the most abundant wildlife in Greece.