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Apocalypse Now - Francis Ford Coppola, Marlon Brando, Martin Sheen In my top ten films of all time


Aliens In this James Cameron directed sequel to the 1979 horror/science fiction classic, Alien, sole survivor Ellen Ripley returns to face her worst fear, and this time she has a battalion of Colonial Marines with her.


Movies from the which might interest your family - broken into age ranges and notes about profanity, sexuality, etc. One of my favorite movie of all time.


HIGHLANDER: Directed by Russell Mulcahy. With Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery, Clancy Brown, Roxanne Hart. An immortal Scottish swordsman must confront the last of his immortal opponent, a murderously brutal barbarian who lusts for the fabled "Prize".

Back to the Future

Back to the Future , in case you don't know, is a 1985 Robert Zemeckis comedy/drama/science fiction thing about time travel. Marty McFly, a.