Moni Fotodotis - Μονή Φωτοδότη

The monastery Moni Fotodotis, 6 to 15 century. In the late Middle Ages, the monastery was fortified.

Lindos - Λίνδος

TUI Nordic awards 38 hotels on Rhodes; sees increase of tourist flow to Greece

Mithymna - Μήθυμνα

Mithymna (Greek: Μήθυμνα, formerly also Molyvos) is the most important town on island,

Feraklos - Φερακλος

Feraclos Castle, a late Roman fortification near Haraki, Phodes, Greece. The Wikipedia article gives contradictory dates for the construction, but it was probably sometime in the Century AD.

Kos Town Castle - Νερατζιάς

Street of Kos town,Kos island