Directly texting me in the early hours of the morning doesn't change the fact you need help. I hope you get the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral intervention you need.

Correction you better have a lifeguard on standby and be wearing your life jacket! My waters are deep and the rip tide has no mercy!

All I can do is hope that when you close your eyes your mind is filled with thoughts of me

often, i picture us holding hands and watching movies, sitting on beaches beneath old oak trees, hearing you laugh throughout the day and catching you smile when you think i don't see. and all i can do is hope that whe


Your gorgeous chaos was a danger to my beautiful ordinary life , and I knew then suddenly , we became beautifully extraordinary together. Drake quotes sayings / quotes / words

♥LOVE THIS QUOTE this should be in everyone's vows, esp. for those that have a hard time with "in good times and in bad times".

relationships should be for life enhancement and not survival. Sometimes life circumstances bring about the need to depend on one another for survival but survival should never be the reason two people are joined together.

Φυγε οταν δε χωρας

Φυγε οταν δε χωρας

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My purpose

My purpose