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Interesting chicken tractor- I could make this. It would get the job done, moving the chickens onto my beds, but I’m not sure I like how the...

Sulmtaler is said to have the tastiest meat

Cream Brabanter pullet. By Show me Silkies and Stuff. Well now she is a pretty girl! And covered in hearts lol.

Blue Langshan Hen - photo courtesy of Matt Stillman

lavender ameraucanas. They lay beautiful blue eggs.

Blue Fauvacauna- Olive eggs- 6-7 a week!!! Winter hardy, docile, bears confinement well....NEED THIS ONE!!!

Ameraucanas are a family-friendly breed and very sweet. They lay blue, green, and pink eggs.

The Secret to Raising Chickens What is the secret to raising chickens?You should make sure your chickens are fed good quality food and they always have fresh clean water to drink. The other important issue is to make sure your chickens are well guarded from predators. If you are raising a large flock with many […]