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an intricately designed metal object on a black background with the moon in the foreground
Astarte's War-Axe and Dagger - Current price: $450
a piece of metal that has been placed on a table with some other things in it
four different types of wooden handles on a sheet
Mini Axe
My latest Executioner  Pm if interested Blades Weapons, Medieval 3, Bladesmithing, Battle Axe, Blade, Medieval Weapons, Weapon, Rpg, Fantasy Weapons
My latest Executioner Pm if interested
a knife with a wooden handle sitting on top of a black leather case next to other knives
a wooden object with a metal handle on it's side and a leather sheath attached to it
the diagram shows different types of tools used in construction
a knife that is on the ground with some sort of object in it's mouth
Wrench Karambit's 2.5" blade is big self defense in a small blade.
four different types of hammers and axes on a white surface, with one broken in half
A Bucavasgyúró - a földtől a vastárgyig...
two green handled hammers sitting next to each other
two knives are laying on the table with their blades still attached to each other,