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When the weather is nice, the windows of this cafe are opened up and people can choose whether they want to sit inside or on the extended sill that allows people to interact with the street.

10 Unique Coffee Shops In Asia / JJA/Bespoke Architecture designed Elephant Grounds, a coffee shop in Hong Kong that emphasizes indoor-outdoor engagement thanks to it's design that opens out onto the street to encourage interaction between the people in t


TS Runner is inspired by classic outdoor shoes such as the Trail Runner. Barbour have added some subtle elements of premium redesign such as waxed cotton tongue and aged tan upper leather.

The Edgy Mohawk Hairstyle for Men

Men hair color trends and hairstyles for Men's best hair colors and haircuts ideas. Cool hair color trends for men in Hottest hair color ideas for men.

Ask for a high to medium fade on the side depending on your preference, the fade should be done with clippers. Make it clear you’d like the top to be cut with scissors to achieve that natural textured look that makes this hairstyle different than a traditional barber cut.

Nine Dashing Men’s Hairstyles considering on their face, personality and hair type , what will make you to look smarter, find the best one for you.