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a piece of wood sitting on top of a wooden table
Fossil Mosasaur Tooth
We have been in buisness 40 years in San Diego.We offer mineral specimens for all . Also fossils,gemstones and teaching kits.
a leaf is shown on the side of a wall
Fossil Leaf by Natural History Museum, London/science Photo Library
an image of some kind of animal that is on the ground in the dirt and rocks
an image of a fossil in the shape of a dragonfly on a black background
'Dragonfly Fossil Discovered at Sihetun, China' Photographic Print - O. Louis Mazzatenta |
dragonfly fossil......
a leaf is shown on a piece of rock
an animal's body is shown in the sand
Crinoid fossil
a dragonfly carved into the side of a stone wall with an inscription on it
DK Learning: Make every lesson your best yet
an orange and white object on a black surface
Museum of Natural History
Petrified Wood - New York Museum of Natural History
a hand holding a small white opal pen in it's palm
Opalized belemnite - Opalized belemnite - iFunny
Opalized belemnite - Opalized belemnite – popular memes on the site
two pieces of blue pottery sitting on top of a brown leather surface, one is shaped like a worm and the other is shaped like a snake
The Opalized Crab Claw (And How It Formed)
This fossil of a crab claw isn't your typical fossil. This crab claw has completely turned into opal. Much like petrified wood. #rockseeker #fossils #geology
a close up of an alien creature on a rock
Crinoid Fossil | #Geology #GeologyPage #Fossil Geology Page
an animal skeleton laying on top of a green surface next to a rock with a plant growing out of it
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Crinoid Fossil Museum Quality Macrocrinus mundulus from | Etsy
a piece of art that is made out of stone
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