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an iphone is open and sitting in a case
Moleskine ®
Smartphone Cover Black compatible with iPhone 6 몰스킨 아이폰6 커버... 괜찮네... 6+는 없다 ㅜㅜ
an artistic rendering of a sports car in red and white with the hood up, front and side view
LaFerrari Design Sketches
LaFerrari Design Sketches ... 심장을 뛰게 만드는~
an iphone docking station is shown with the time displayed on it's display screen
iPhone charging dock: Displays both time and received E-mails, messages or calls! Want!!! ... 멋지다!!!
an apple bracelet with the logo for bangle on it's front and side
This iPod is Full of Air - Yanko Design
iPod running bracelet with wireless headphones... 이것 참 멋지구려!
a bike is shown with wheels and spokes on it's front wheel stand
아우... 간지가....자르르~~~
a large open living room with stone walls and wood beams, stairs leading to the second floor
Phoenix Legend
언젠가는 이런 집에서 살고 싶다~
SEIKO Electronic Ink watch.  Possibly the coolest watch ever.  멋지다~ Technology Gadgets, Tech Gadgets, Seiko Watches, Watches For Men, Cool Watches, Bracelet Watch
Seiko Watch shows off e-ink model for her
SEIKO Electronic Ink watch. Possibly the coolest watch ever. 멋지다~
Say Hello to iWatch2. Watch Strap, Iwatch 2, Smart Watch Apple, Smart Watch, Watch
Home - ADR Studio Management
Say Hello to iWatch2.
the sun and moon clock is displayed on an iphone's screen, which shows it's time
lovely ui
이런 디자인 맘에 들어~
an ipod wristband with earphones attached to it
Wear your music on wrist with this portable music player
디자인은 매우 미래 지향적인데... 이어폰은 잘 잃어버릴듯..
there are two different clocks on the same surface, one is white and the other is silver
Clever clock design has an AA meeting once an hour - Core77
AA 건전지를 시침과 분침으로 활용하는 센스~
a watercolor and ink drawing of a woman in a pink dress carrying a purse
a place for art
완전 내 스타일~