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a tray with sunglasses, keys and other items on it that is shaped like an eyeglass case
Olive Green Checkered Catch All Trinket Tray for Keys, Handmade Ceramic Tray for Desk and Table Styling
"Hand-made organic ceramic catch all try with hand-painted checkered pattern. Unique, small batch ceramics too add style to any home. Clay body is a natural off-white creamy color, paired with the olive green. Dimensions: Size: approx. 9.25\" x 6\" Includes: - 1 Ceramic Tray Always consider the beauty in the imperfects due to the hand-made nature of ceramics. IG: @sereno.pepper Cheers!"
a hand holding up a small card with a mushroom on it's front and green background
Mini folk art painting, mushrooms, acrylic painting, cute simple art
Mini folk style painting 3x3 inches Folk art Mushrooms plants and polka dots Cute simple decor Fall Just something cute :)
three different faces drawn in white on a black background
Genna Campton, Planets (Australia, Oceania)
a blue and white plate with spiral designs on the rim is sitting on a table
Stoneware Bowl with Schooling Fish: Crafted by Kim and Elizabeth
"Introducing our Schooling Fish Stoneware Bowl, another distinctive creation carefully handcrafted by artisans Kim and Elizabeth. This stoneware bowl offers both form and function, making it a versatile addition to your home. In this particular bowl, you'll discover an intriguing scene featuring blue fish swimming in one direction, while a solitary green fish gracefully moves in the opposite direction. These fish showcase intricate details that enhance their visual appeal. Kim, as a dedicated ar