Omg . I really need a certain person see this . Maybe they would understand !!!!

Y'all need to leave my baby Nash alone and stop saying he's a horrible person. Y would a horrible person say someone something like this. So honestly forget his past because he has apologized.>>>>> PREACH I AGREE I agree AGREE. LOVE NASH NO MATTER WHAT.

Okay, this hasn't actually happened to me until now when Seventeen just debuted today and I forgot to do a huge project because of everything Kpop going on right meow xD

Been Contemplating since forever!! life of a kpop fan!

Been Contemplating since forever! life of a kpop fan! And now my life is more like Work or Kpop~


Oxymorons for the inner nerdy <<< if you're not Happily married then you're doing it wrong.


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Not just happiness. I hate when people say happiness, when they mean many other things. Happiness isn't everything; this experiment is still true for those who realize that seeking only happiness is shallow. Help others, and you gain much deeper things.


Funny pictures about Atoms' Empty Space. Oh, and cool pics about Atoms' Empty Space. Also, Atoms' Empty Space photos.

I'm Korean, México, and Japanese

I am just going to save this to BTS because that is almost the only k-pop band I listen too.

The hardest part is realizing that your idols can save your life but you can't save theirs

RIP <<< He did amazing in the time that he was here with us.

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You'll never find someone like me . I 'll never search for someone like you…