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The lagoon - Hamilton Pool, Texas
Not sure I'd have the nerve to go through with it, but would love to try...
15 Must Inspirational and Charming Swimming Pool around World | Places Must Visit
Ark hotel in China is one of amazing floating hotels in the world, Ark floating hotel in China designed by Remistudio office for architecture, it's creative hotel building designed for many reasons.
Road in Italy
Happy Magic, China: Officially known as the Beijing Water Cube Water Park, Happy Magic is part of the National Aquatics Center and is now Beijing’s most visited tourist spot after the Great Wall. Thanks to a major renovation in 2011, the place looks even more futuristic than on opening day in 2008: Think splashy colored tubes, transporting human water rockets through a system of slides twisting this way and that.
Swim balconies
Paris trampolin bridge
So much of that argument is illogical but it's funny
Grace Hotel in Santorini, Greece, from John Nazz, Pinterest