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Big List Of Pattermaking Software & Programs

Big List of Patternmaking Software and programs | Patternmaking for Fashion Design | How to Draft Sewing Patterns | Pattern Fitting | How to Design Sewing Patterns

This is the best step by step tut (with pics) on How to make a Step Bezel

Professional Jeweler Archive: How to Manufacture a White Gold and Turquoise Cameo Granulated Pendant - Cammeo in argento con granulazione

This project came about because I realized I needed a purse that was a little more suitable for professional occasions, so I thought I would try making up a cute pattern that was also a little subt...

Silver Blue Turquoise Basket Weave Bracelet

Once Upon A Pink Moon: Tea Dye Tutorial

Love these wire collars! Usually the embellishment is at the ends, but this is an awesome pearl design.

I couldn't resist this. It reminds me of my daughter's wedding veil that I made for her without the fabric. I know that my granddaughter will like this if I make one to fit her. She will go nuts. I'M MAKING THIS!! In child size, not Doll size, but this would make a pretty circlet for RenFest. (Russian)

tutorial for a bead crown