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Agua de Jamaica con Fresa Strawberry Hibiscus Tea | Mexican Beverage Recipe
Ingredients • 2 cups dry hibiscus flowers • 1 lb fresh strawberries • 3/4 cups sugar • About 10 cups of Water • 4 cups Ice • Extra sliced strawberries for garnish (optional) Instructions • Rinse your hibiscus flowers • Boil the flowers in 4 cups of water for 10 minutes with the lid on • Clean your strawberries and wash them. • Blend your strawberries with sugar and 2 cups of water. • Strain your strawberry mixture into a pitcher. • Add your ice and strain your hibiscus tea into the same pitcher. • Add another 4 cups of water. • Mix and taste for sweetness. • Serve over ice. Credits to @arimonika
⚡️Strawberry matcha latte⚡️
Refreshing Strawberry Matcha Latte 🍓
How to make the best Matcha latte - Matcha recipe
Elevate your day with a creamy matcha latte treat. 🍵✨ #matcha #latte
strawberry matcha latte is being poured into a glass with strawberries on the side
Strawberry Matcha Latte
a hand holding a green and yellow drink with a straw in it's glass
Iced mango matcha latte
Mango matcha latte is like a vacation in a cup 🥭🍵 Combing two of my favorite flavors into one delicious latte. If you haven't noticed...I'm a little obsessed with mangos, my page is filled with mango recipes, and this latte is another one that I make again and again. Iced mango matcha latte is a beautiful, refreshing, and fruity tropical pick-me-up to start your day or when you need a break or a boost
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