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the winter olympics easy reader book with crayons
Winter Olympics Easy Reader Book
FREE Winter Olympics Easy Reader Book 10 page book for kids to read - #freeprintable #easyreaderbook #winterolympics
a poster with the words b and d in spanish
The Bbs like to walk... but the Dds like to talk.
the flueny packet for children to play with their christmas break, which is filled with
christmas fluency packet.pdf
Freebie for diebels practice. Awesome for kindergarten :)
the teacher's interview guide for teachers and students to learn how to use it
Teachers Job Search eBooks on interviewing resume writing and more
Teaching Job Interview Questions and Answers eBook A+ Resumes for Teachers Click…
the children's readiness checklist is shown in blue and white, with an image of
Kindergarten readiness checklist. Um, we have been doing this for like a year, but August, here we come!
two bracelets made out of candy beads and green shamrock charms on a table with st patrick's day decorations
Fun Activities for Kids for St. Patrick's Day (Free Shamrock Printable)
cute st patricks day crafts for kids
an image of a cartoon character playing with other characters in front of a tree and text that reads play
Animated Picture Books
Here is a list of the 234 childrens picture books on video offered on Discovery Education, play the video on your SMARTboard so that all of your students can follow along. Most have closed captioning, so your students can read along, too!
two magnets that have been made to look like christmas stockings and santa clause on them
Footprint Ornament and Life lately.
Cute Footprint Ornament idea
several farm themed stickers are on the table next to some cards that have been cut out
Popsicle Stick Puzzles Tutorial
Busy bag idea- popsicle puzzles (printables) love it!
a young boy is jumping in the air with his hands up while holding onto a string
10 Best Songs for Gross Motor Movement - Let's Play Music
All children need to jump, bounce and skip and hop, and it isn’t very difficult to encourage them to do so! But when kids move to music, they are getting so much more than just exercise. They are developing their gross motor skills, coordination, balance, concentration and cognitive abilities. By …
a bottle of quiet spray sitting on top of a table in front of a classroom
"Is your class always this loud?"
"Spray" to keep the noise level down.
a paper hand with words written on it
A "HANDY" Way to Learn About Texture Freebie!
Sensory- What a great idea for kids who are learning their sense of touch! Using different objects for the different textures is one way to adapt this activity. For example instead of waxed paper for something smooth, you could use parts of a smooth leaf.