Theodore Mitropoulos

Theodore Mitropoulos

hellenic army general staff
Theodore Mitropoulos
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Greek Mercenary by Zajon V

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TASS Infographics: Mistral helicopter carrier

Russia will purchase Mistral-class helicopter carriers from France. Infographics by TASS

Hoplita griego, posiblemente ateniense, dado el adorno semejante al Sol de Vergina que lleva en las hombreras, símbolo que ya era conocido en Grecia antes de su difusión durante el Imperio Macedonio. Cortesía de Christos Giannopoulos.

hoplite with common shield, Corinthian helmet, linothorax and the Vergina Sun on the shoulders

Athenian Hoplite  For school I'm focusing on the weapon known as a polearm in ancient greece

Pre-Alexandrian Greece: Hoplites were heavily armed infantry men that made up most of the Greek army