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Ria Giannakopoulou

Ria Giannakopoulou
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Oh my gosh, Thor

Thor Avengers Marvel Captain America May be my top Marvel gif ever! Cap makes Thor very nervous.

45 Disney Princess Remixes - From Corrupted Cartoon Characters to Hot Hipster Mermaids (CLUSTER)

In this post we will featured some pretty awesome and sexy Disney princesses, done in a comic book style. Jeffrey Scott Campbell is an american comic book artist and the author of this version for adults, in a pin-up style, of the famous Disney princ.

Disney princess

“My friend fell asleep so I turned him into a Disney Princess…” ummm this persons snap chat drawing skills are amazing! I can't even make a straight line straight! <<< probabaly on the ipad or a galaxy note

Queen of the Gods > Disney Princess

funny-Disney-princess-queen-goddess- (sorry for the cussing) and mulan wasn't even a princess she was a warrior, who married a warrior.