Stone pathway to Monemvasia, Peloponnese, Greece (by George Stylianou).

Stone pathway to Monemvasia, Peloponnese, Greece---walked up these only to find out the top was closed


"Walking inside the castle". Medieval walled town Monemvassia, Peloponnese, Greece - photo by Makis Siderakis

Monemvasías, Lakonia, Greece @xristos_x_paravalos  #monemvasias #lakonia #greece

Monemvasías, Lakonia, Greece @xristos_x_paravalos #monemvasias #lakonia #greece

View from the castle of Monemvasia

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Monemvasia, Peloponnese, Greece

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Monemvasia, Greece ...    #monemvasia #greece .

Monemvasia, Greece ... #monemvasia #greece .

Monemvasia, Greece.   There are three museums in the Municipality of Monemvasia, the most important being the Monemvasia Archaeological Collection in the Monemvasia fortress, showing the town’s historical development from the early Christian era until the Turkish occupation.

The cultural treasure of Monemvasia