100 Reasons To Stay Alive… Don’t Let Go.

Reasons to stay alive & enjoy life at face value. Build your own list, in your Journal - great aid for bad days when you are on the road to recovery

Alexander the Great can say this so easily since to this day you was the most powerful man

Alexander the Great, so very young to have been a leader of huge military campaigns and to have accomplished so very much~

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The essence of life.to love and play and create happiness for ourselves and others.go team passion!


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Αγαπημένη Θεσσαλονίκη!!!

Αγαπημένη Θεσσαλονίκη!!!


A picture from the Aqueous Electreau series by photographer Mark Mawson. This stunning image was created by dropping different hues and densities of paint to water. The result is complex kaleidoscopes of colour that Mark describes as "alien".

Aristoteles #repeat

If you repeatedly lie, you're a liar. If you repeatedly cheat, you're a cheater, if you repeatedly quit, you're a quitter. Focus on repeatedly being a better you.

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