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Mixalis Tsagas

Mixalis Tsagas
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Greenhouse Lunching & Offbeat Hunting in East #London, part 1 of my travel tips & addresses at the link!

Tucked away in an overlooked neighbourhood of East London, quieter and smaller than Shoreditch but with the potential to outshine Brick Lane, Exmouth Market

Frontier (West Town) cool rustic bar

Frontier (West Town) - The space will have a retractable roof and an outdoor cocktail list with punch bowls and seasonal drinks. Group dinners can include whole-roasted pig, lamb, or goat with sides such as macaroni and cheese and johnnycakes.

PopUp Republic Directory

Tableau are a software success story from the States, who have recently set up home in London. We were commissioned to create a comprehensive custom art scheme for their London HQ, with the aim of filling the white space and connecting the office’s two se