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a pink flower sitting on top of a polka dot shoe
25 Ways to Recycle Shoes for Planters
a pair of red high heeled shoes sitting on top of a vase filled with flowers
a miniature garden in a wooden box with white flowers and greenery on the outside
a green hat sitting on top of a wooden table covered in grass and sea shells
three rusty metal scoops with succulent plants in them on a stone wall
Reusing Old Kitchen Utensils
a bunch of yellow flowers are hanging on a white door with an old fashioned hook
DIY Floral Wall Sconces
a piece of grass that is laying on the ground
DIY Floral Wall Sconces
some fake plants that are in the shape of heads with eyes and noses on them
a woman's head is covered in green plants
Eight DIY projects for your garden using mannequins -
a pair of shoes with plants growing out of them sitting on top of a cement block
mantle decorations Archives - Françoise Weeks
a handbag made out of moss and flowers
Rancho Las Lomas Wedding by Elysium Productions + Inviting Occasion
two bags made out of moss sitting on top of a wooden floor next to purple flowers
Super Moss Plantable Purses and Handbags