Cretan costume

Traditional Greek festive costume, from Creta. (Grecy, Greeks) KERKYRA - Greek Costume.  I still have mine:)

she looks just like my mum!

Syrtos (Nelly's, Benaki Museum, Athens).

Syrtos (Nelly's, Benaki Museum, Athens).

Greek Postcard, c1956 (by alsis35) “Crete Girls Dancing.”

Greek Postcard, (by “Crete Girls Dancing.

I will survive...the Greek way

I will survive, the Greek way. Think Positive Poster Competition, Thessaloniki, Greece. (Grecy, Greeks) Cretan woman - Greek costume

Cretan woman in festive dress.

Αλμυρός Θεσσαλίας(Δόρα Στράτου)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Αλμυρός Θεσσαλίας(Δόρα Στράτου) More

The Old Way, Mykonos island, Greece

Classic older Greek woman.



Greek women in traditional costume, photo: Nellys

Greek women in traditional costume, photo: Nellys (Grecy, Greeks) Greek traditional clothes

It's true, I need more made Greek dancing skills!

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Traditional costume from Soufli, Evros, Greece

handmade traditional greek woolen slippers | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

handmade traditional greek woolen slippers, I WANT THESE

ελληνικές παραδοσιακές φορεσιές - Google Search

ελληνικές παραδοσιακές φορεσιές - Google Search

Kalamatianos (Dance Of Kalamata) by Third Man Records on SoundCloud

Third Man Records is proud to present a truly rare musical oddity on February a two disc collection of primal and unhinged Greek village music that at times sounds more like free jazz or doom fol