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Toddler routines and toddler schedules are necessary, but can be difficult to figure out. What should you do with your kids all day? How? When? Learn two basic types of schedules for toddlers and preschoolers, what to include in your 2-3 year old's day, and tips for doing activities with 2 children.

How do I set up a schedule or routine? What should we do each day? Schedules and routines are great for kids, including our little ones, and they help us have a sense of order and control too.

Quiet activities for two year olds - threading cardboard beads

Toddler threading activity with giant cardboard beads. Could be a little project to have them paint the tubes, let them dry, and cut the tubes into smaller lengths (with some help). Add stickers for decoration and even more fine motor practice!

different kids, different needs. be intuitive, not reactive --> discipline less.

How to raise a happy, successful, cooperative child. It looks like my son is a mix of The Fun-Loving Child and The Determined Child.

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Fair-skinned bunned brunette broadly smiling in blush satin blouse, teal/black paisley tea skirt, black pumps ~ clothes by Katerina Dorokhova