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*THUMPER ~ Bambi, 1942 50 years later Thumper was born again and named Ashlee

We do this :))

baby everything will be all right baby , I`m yours and you are mine honey ,everything will be all right honey, I won`t leave you by one step sweetheart

Love is...

Love is.acting like a couple of kids together. I love my husbands sense of humor! We are definitely big kids and young at heart.

8/23 - the day you walk down the aisle, together

love is. the day you walk down the aisle together.I pray for this day with you baby. WILL love forever XOXO


only Exuse Will need is when you wanna Cuddle with Me! I Love To Cuddle With You Ashlyn Nicole Howard-Bellah Anyway And Anytime I will Be Cuddling With You Hopefully Forever until We're Both old and grey I'll cuddle With You! Your My Cuddle Buddy!

Disney Dalmatians Images - Disney And Cartoon Clip Art

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20 utterly cute animal comics from ’The Simpsons’ illustrator

awesome-picz: “ Awkward Everyday Lives Of Animals By Simpsons Illustrator Liz Climo ”