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The Different Flirting Styles of Each Myers-Briggs Type

The Different Flirting Styles of Each Myers-Briggs Type Some people are natural flirts, while others are more reserved and shy. There are many different styles of flirting and here is how we believe you flirt according to your personality type.

ESFJ's brain @haileybugc

Make one special photo charms for you, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. MBTI in Real Life - ESFJ

Lasagna Party Ring

Lasagna Party Ring For SURE I have to make this! GLUTEN FREE by using gluten free lasagna pasta. A blend will let them hold up for the sauce and meat!

INFJ problems

HAHAHAHAHA Not to mix personality tests, but this is why I call myself a "Supportive with a backbone" (DISC system.) Surrounded by all the Decisive INTJ types in my life.

oh very yes

INFJs are typically music lovers who can spend hours searching for lyrics to uplift their loved ones, or match their own multifaceted mindset. It isn’t uncommon for us to have playlists galore, often organized by the moods and mentalities we frequent.