Covid 19 handbook

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three people are using their laptops to connect with the wi - fi and other devices
Free Vector | Connected concept illustration
a woman holding a flower in her hand and blowing it with the wind, surrounded by plants
Serenity Illustration Series
people wearing face masks are walking together in the same direction, with one person standing out from the crowd
Free Vector | Illustration with people wearing medical mask
two people wearing masks and standing in front of a cityscape with the words 2m on it
Free Vector | Social distancing concept
two men with masks on their faces are fighting over the words elbow bumpping greeting
Social distancing, Elbow bumping to say hi
a man wearing a face mask and covering his mouth
Premium Vector | Man cough wearing mask and without mask
a doctor is giving an injection to a woman's face with a medical mask on
Premium Vector | Woman see doctor for check herself, doctor scanning woman temperature for corona virus scanning
a man and woman wearing face masks sitting in an empty chair with the words social distancing
Distanciamento social, as pessoas sentam-se na cadeira mantendo distância para risco de infecção e doença | Vetor Premium
a person holding a bottle cap with a message on it
Lockdown 3.0
Lockdown 3.0
Lockdown 3.0
Lockdown 3.0
Lockdown 3.0: National Directives for Workplaces.