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a pan filled with meat and cheese covered in sauce
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Creamy Chicken Livers Peri Peri! "This is a very traditional South African dish" @allthecooks #recipe
a white bowl filled with meat and sauce
My Favorite Football Game Food – Todd's Top 5
Chicken Gizzards 1. Melt two cubes of butter in a large pan 2. Add 4/5 pounds of gizzards/hearts. 3. Add two or three cups water to cover the gizzards about 2/3 of the way. 4. Cover so the water is just barely boiling for 5 hours. 5. During cooking add 2 TBSP dried parsley,2 tsp dried garlic,2 TBSP dried onion flakes,salt and pepper, and 1 cup broth. 6. At the end of the five hours should have been reduced so you just have a thick buttery sauce. If not, keep cooking until it thickens
a yellow plate topped with meat and vegetables
Chicken Gizzard Stir-fry - Dak Ddong Jjip - (닭똥집 볶음)
Made this for dinner! Excellent alternative to fried gizzards, which I love. And its cheap!
several pieces of bread with icing and nuts on top, sitting on a cutting board
Home - I Love Cooking - Healthy Food Recipes
Recipes - I Love Cooking, How to cook South African recipes
the world's tastiest meatless pastries are on display in this collage
Not only are these meatpies tasty, but also, they are healthy and high in fiber! win-win-win
some meat and vegetables on a cutting board with a caulder full of food
The ultimate guide to South Africa's most iconic foods
21 iconic South African foods – the ultimate guide for visitors
the food is wrapped in plastic and ready to be eaten
The BEST Chicken Marinade (For Grilling or Baking) | Mom On Timeout
The BEST Chicken Marinade
a white bowl filled with coleslaw and carrots next to a silver fork
Ina Paarman | Christmas Menu 2015
Ina Paarman's Salted Coleslaw with Sour Cream Dressing
a pie with coconut topping in a glass dish on a wooden table next to blue eggs
Pick n Pay Online Shopping
Crustless coconut milk tart
a cake that has been cut in half and is on a plate with another piece missing
Zebra cake recipe, Zebra Cheesecake recipe
Zebra Cheesecake
a large pot filled with stew on top of a wooden table next to a cloth
Oxtail Stew Recipe
JAMIE OLIVER'S OXTAIL STEW - oxtail is super fatty - use a different cut. I used Goats do Roam red wine - it's sweeter than most wines, and turned out delish - Nat
a white bowl filled with meat and sauce
Nigerian Stew
Nigerian Stew
grilled steaks and hot sauce on a grill with tongs in the foreground
Braai Sauce Recipes from South Africa – – Bike Racing for the Self Coached Cyclist on a Budget
Braai Sauce Recipes from South Africa | Barbecue Sauce Recipe | v2.0