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6 terrific tips for teaching kids photography, for all your future shutterbugs

Found 35 blurry pics of the dog's nose in your camera roll? Time to teach your enthusiastic kids a few photography basics. Here are 6 easy tips that help!

make your flash pictures look amazing!

Camera- business card: have to try this trick.How to use a business card to bounce light up to create a nice overall illumination, while some of the light penetrates directly through the card, disperses and lights the subject from the front.

From JPEG to RAW: A Beginners Guide to Start Shooting in RAW Image Mode

Shooting in RAW I absolutely love to shoot in RAW format. The control it gives me in post production is a wonderful feeling. In fact, it’s magical. When I first started photography, I didn’t understan

How to Master Your DLSR in One Afternoon a Beginner’s Guide

Bryan Peterson has written a book titled Understanding Exposure which is a highly recommended read if you& wanting to venture out of the Auto mode on your .