Sleep and Mornings

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a woman laying on top of a bed with two cats sleeping next to her and the caption reads, it's always a struggle being the first one awake
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two cartoon pictures with the caption me listening to music during the day 3am
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a frog sitting on top of a chair with the caption'haha i only got 4 hours of sleep last and i only got 1 '
a man drinking water from a bottle with the caption me chugging water in the kitchen at 3 am while also watching out for ghost and demons
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some people are doing different things in the room and one person is trying to put something on
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the bed is made to look like it's been slept
an image of a woman with a funny caption on it's face that reads, it's not really my thing but i got good morning to everyone who celebrates it
a man laying on top of a couch covered in pillows with the caption when u're cold and to lazy to get a blanket
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a woman laying in bed with the caption when you share a dope meme, know that it will surely get two haha but next morning you got zero notification
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a woman with long brown hair smiling at the camera
the text reads, how people set the alarm others 7am me - 6 30 am
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