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Μαρίνα Α
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Machine Gun Kelly in black and white photos.

OMG *violently claps hands* *hands fall off because of clapping* http://ibeebz.com

OMG *violently claps hands* *hands fall off because of clapping* >>> *claps then realizes that I have stayed up 3 nights in a row so I just collapse in the chair I'm sitting in*>>>> I may or may not have just clapped to hard I scared my mom

Things won't be bad forever I promise, it's okay-my hubby Victor Vincent Fuentes

It irritates me when people call some of these musicians satanic or stupid because they scream in their music when really these musicians themselves have gone through some pretty rough stuff and are helping others get through the hard times.


"You'll never know the psychopath sitting next to you, you'll never know the murderer sitting next to you"- Heathens- Twenty One Pilots