Monte Cunningham

Monte Cunningham
United States / Pain relief expert, specialising in reducing back pain by 78% thanks to simple but very effective techniques.
Monte Cunningham
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Acupressure Points for Digestion. Click on the pin for more information.

The digestive system consists of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract as well as the liver, pancreas and gallbladder. The process of digestion is ongoing and is vital to ensuring our bodies have the .

The Acupressure Points for Incontinence. Click on the pin for more information.

Massage - Designed to help reduce the stress and joint pain from texting or Carpal tunnel syndrome, this massage focuses on relieving stress in the joints and tendons that are often strained because of repetitive motions of typing and texting.

Anti-Anxiety Acupressure Points. Click on the pin for more information.

Anti-Anxiety Acupressure Points - Collecting up my prior pins here for re-casting on new boards.

Acupressure points

Auricular Acupuncture treatment chart for neck pain and other maladies.'s medics to use the ear acupuncture points for field treatment of pain instead of morphine and are getting great results currently.

Acupressure for self healing

Acupressure for self healing

Acupressure points for the feet.

Lets take time to look at some of the ancient chinese alternative medicines which are taking the Western World by storm!