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a person's hand with three rings on it
#3ddoodler jewelry
a wire sculpture of a tree with two people swinging on the branches and one person sitting on a swing
40 Coiled and Creative Wire Sculptures | Naldz Graphics
Black tree swing wire sculpture- many many crazy good ideas here!
an info sheet with different types of computers and their names on it's side
This Graphic Guides You to the Perfect 3D Printer for Your Needs
This Graphic Guides You to the Perfect 3D Printer for Your Needs | Infographic
two hands are holding some sort of cake topper with circles on it and the other hand is holding another one
Cubify | Matthijs Kok
3D Printed Bubble Wands, designed by Matthijs Kok for Cubify More
three different colored pencils sitting next to each other
Buckyball Pencil Holder by pmoews
Buckyball Pencil Holder by pmoews
three pieces of white wire sitting on top of a gray surface next to each other
Wired horse
three pieces of art made out of wire on the wall next to a computer desk
3D printed
three different types of deer head made out of wire on a white surface, one is red and the other is purple
3 small stags
3d printing
an open book with two hearts on it
15 Ingenious Objects You Can 3d Print At Home
Here is a selection of the 15 most intelligent objects that can be 3D printed at home with a 3D printer. To do this, it's simple ! Go download the 3D files on sites like Cults or Thingiverse and start printing with your own 3D printer or make it printed by a friend. These items will change your life or at least make you smile!
a black and white drawing of a dolphin with swirls on it's tail
3d_pen black dolphin
four butterflies that are drawn in black and white