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Moraiti Fotini

Moraiti Fotini
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Color It Like you MEAN it!: Color wheel umbrella.

Color It Like you MEAN it! Art I gets a choice of what to make from color wheels.but always get blah wheels.

The Art of ❉ Jennifer ❉ Lommers ❉

Birds & Tree - give students the paper with the branch already drawn and they do the rest - then it will fit together into a group mural - collaborative art project - group art project

A tree divided up into 12 squares, each colored in a different style. Ball-point pen and markers.

12 techniques-one image. Great idea for a collaborative art project for classroom or school.

Hashimoto's work is a fantastic inspiration for students and a great idea for a collaborative project.

The Other Sun // Jacob Hashimoto

wall art. students make cylinders of different heights, dip in plate of glue + stick to banner paper. great for using paper scraps!

shine brite zamorano: round and round. Awesome idea for an end of year grade level project.sculpture station intro to cylinder.


Hmm, this could be a good directive, do a body tracing, then all around write positive words or symbols that describe yourself.

Awesome tag by Sacred Yoli!!  LOVE Yoli's tags  (thanks Chica!)  Some tags I made back in the day.

Awesome tag by Sacred Yoli! LOVE Yoli's tags (thanks Chica!

Casa Simples

Midnight Tree - Purple Sky Karla G

by karla gerard

by karla gerard Más Mais

Whimsical homes series ACEO print - This beautiful artwork is printed on Premium Plus Photo gloss paper 300 gm2 and ships in a protect sleeve.

ACEO Print Watercolor Lucia Stewart folk art whimsical blue house home neighbor