A small home office in Tokyo

/ Jo Nagasaka + Schemata built in a densely residential area in Nakano, Tokyo, is a small building of a SOHO and an apartment for rent.

Loft in San Antonio by Poteet Architects

We already showed you one minimalist collector's loft and here is another one, designed by Poteet Architects. This one is even more minimalist and modern t

apartment interior in Amsterdam

Contemporary Apartment Single by Laura Alvarez Architecture : Minimalist Dining Table Set Triple Black Pendant Lights Apartment Singel

Suntro House by Jorge Hernandez de la Garza

The Suntro House by Jorge Hernandez de la Garza uses its contemporary shape and materials to respond to the high heat frequent in its location in Oaxtepec.

House with a ‘white cube’ gallery look

Casa Ricardo Pinto by Correia Ragazzi certainly has that mid century modern feel of Southern California.

A #house  of #bricks  and  #minimalism  http://www.morfae.com/a-house-of-bricks-and-minimalism/ #architecture #residence #modern

Their minimal interiors are a beautiful match the the exteriors of their modern homes.

Russel Hill Road house in Toronto by gh3

scandinaviancollectors: “The Russel Hill Road house in Toronto, Canada by Architects: Arne Jacobsen´s Egg lounge chair and the Cherner chair by Norman Cherner / Archithings ”