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an aerial view of a crane on the side of a large building with black walls
Photographer captures coal mines from above, and they look like sights from another planet
an aerial view of a building with rusted metal and paint on the outside wall
an abstract piece of art that appears to be made out of bricks
COPPER ART - Online copper art gallery featuring contemporary copper wall art sculptures for sale by metal artist Adam Colangelo.
there are three black boxes sitting in the mud
making marble from coal: jesper eriksson transforms britain's most iconic material
a piece of wood that is covered in wire
an open book sitting on top of a wooden floor in front of pictures of rocks
seed capsules
a close up of a wooden object on the ground near a wall with holes in it
an aerial view of some sort of structure that looks like it is in the middle of nowhere
Photographer of the Month: Tom Hegen
an aerial view of trucks parked in the dirt
Quarries Resemble Abstract Artworks in Tom Hegen's Aerial Photography
an aerial view of a construction site in the middle of nowhere, with multiple structures on it
African Mines