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an artistic painting with angels in the sky
Moonlight dancing by DartGarry on DeviantArt
a painting of a white haired woman standing in the middle of a forest at night
blue forest
an image of a painting that looks like it is in the middle of a forest
Thomas Maybank (exh. 1898-1912 ) - "The Court of Faerie", 1906 BEAUTIFUL TECHNIQUE! "Her chariot ready straight is made". Frontispiece to "Nimphidia, the Court of Faerie" By Michael Drayton (1906)
a painting of a naked woman standing on top of green plants and holding a flower in her hand
Nellie Joshua (1902-1911), "Fairy Boy" ("Dragonfly") (c. 1905 England)
Nellie Joshua (1902-1911), "Fairy Boy" ("Dragonfly") (c. 1905 England) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a baby is laying in bed with angels flying over the moon and stars above it
A Polar Bear's Tale: Asako Eguchi - full moon...
an oil painting of some people playing in the woods with trees and bushes behind them
Warren B. Davis - WOMEN DANCING (Dance of the Forest Nymphs)
Dance of the Forest Nymphs by Warren B. Davis
a card with a fairy and a man in the water
Fairy Fantasy Art Cards and Postcards
an image of a woman in the water with her arms outstretched and head tilted to the side
Beautiful Century
Carl Schweninger (1854 - 1903) - The Moon
an image of a painting with people in the water and trees around it at night
Nymphs Bathing by Antonio Muñoz Degrain (Spanish, 1840–1924)
a painting of a woman wearing a wreath on her head with an instrument in front of her
Sir Edward John Poynter – Erato Muse of Poetry Nereid (νεράϊδα), Nymph Η ''Ερατώ'' ήταν μία από τις Εννέα Μούσες της ελληνικής μυθολογίας. Ήταν η Μούσα της λυρικής ποίησης και των ύμνων.
an image of a painting with many people on it
Francken (II), Frans (1581-1642) Η ''Αμφιτρίτη'' ήταν κατά την ελληνική μυθολογία η θεά της θάλασσας, σύζυγος του θεού Ποσειδώνα. In ancient Greek mythology, Amphitrite (/æmfɨˈtraɪtiː/; Greek: Ἀμφιτρίτη) was a sea-goddess and wife of Poseidon. (nereid,nymph)
a painting of a fairy in the woods with animals around her and an angel above her
a painting of a woman sitting on top of a rock next to the ocean with a bottle in her hand
A Nymph by the Sea by Wilhelm Kray
Wilhelm Kray~A Nymph By The Sea
a drawing of a naked woman in the water with wings above her head and feet
Ludovic Alleaume