The Paintings of Miles Davis

The trumpeter icon took a late interest in painting - an area he proved to be more than decent. Check out the unknown art of Miles Davis!
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Miles Davis’ paintings weren’t exhibited much during his lifetime, but since his death in 1991, his estate has mounted several traveling gallery and museum shows. Quincy Jones is known to own a number of Miles’ canvases. In 2013, Miles Davis: The Collected Artwork was published. #milesdavis

Ask enough people to name their favorite artist of any kind, and sooner rather than later, someone will name Miles Davis.

Miles Davis begun making art as a form of therapy after suffering a stroke in the early 1980s. "It’s like therapy for me, and keeps my mind occupied with something positive when I’m not playing music" he said i nan interview. #milesdavis

Miles Davis kept his cool as a seminal jazz trumpeter, but his ambition for artistic excellence went further than music--he was also a drawer and painter, sometimes adorning one of his records with his own cover art.