Eugene Mouroukas

Eugene Mouroukas

Eugene Mouroukas
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The Cassette To iPod Converter

The Cassette To iPod Converter. This is the device that converts audio tape cassettes into files and stores them directly onto an iPhone or iPod touch. It accepts most iPhones and iPod touches, and normal or chrome cassette tapes.

From 3D graphics to biometric scans: How your smartphone will get smarter - The Philips Fluid concept phone by Brazilian designer Dinard de Mata has a bendy organic light-emitting diode, which means it can be wrapped around the wrist as a watch or bracelet or used like a regular mobile phone.

Philips put step forward in the mobile industry by Philips Fluid phone. Philips Fluid is designed by Dinard da Mata & it include flexible OLED screen.

Plasma Ball

Plasma Ball by ★Tardigrade★

Solar Eclipse - Bledsoe, Texas

The ultimate engine, the Sun, seen during a Solar Eclipse in Bledsoe, Texas photographed alongside a windmill.