Mouzouraki Katerina

Mouzouraki Katerina

Mouzouraki Katerina
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Diy somehow? inspired by military mail (The message is written in the center. The sides are folded up to created an envelope. This keeps postage costs low and uses less paper. Brilliant.

Kraft Paper Envelopes-Mini Envelope Embellishment-Perfect for travel scrapbook pages-DIY Envelopes-From Japan-Italy . cute way to make your own envelopes and decorate them before you assemble and send them out!

El del oso para tattoo

Pen & Ink Depictions of Trees Sprouting into Animals by Alfred Basha - love the bear. am now definitely thinking of tattoo ideas involving this.


Sharpie Sketches - Horses by ColossalBeltloop . I once heard an artist say that she liked to draw in pen because there was no erasing, and it helped her learn to accept imperfections. That seems like a good (albeit somewhat painful ) idea!

Chat trop trop trop trop chou

Get your next furry family member from your local rescue group, which can be breed specific, or your local shelter. And, please always spay or neuter your furry family member.