Xenia Themeli
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Brick backsplash in the bedroom

Urban Decayed Red Wall Mural You don't need a brick wall to achieve your dream lofty interior. Take a look at this brick effect wallpaper as a stunning alternative.

Muted colours of the map strong black & white accents

For all the travel junkies! This wonderful map wallpaper encompasses beautiful muted tones, making it incredibly versatile for any room in your home. Possible bedroom idea, places to travel

PaulinaArcklin-FONDERIE-MILANESI-8077 The bicycle is the best!! :)

Scandinavian Photographer + Photo Stylist currently based in Milan since April Italy, after 5 years living in Amsterdam. I'm mainly building up Brand images by my styling and photography for my Brand clients (furniture, decoration, textiles.

Stephen Kenn's recovered military surplus Inheritance Collection furniture

Stephen Kenn: Turning a Surplus Military Materials Bonanza into a Locally-Produced Furniture Line .