Maria Papadopoulou

Maria Papadopoulou

Maria Papadopoulou
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Rania, Queen of Jordan

Rania, Queen of Jordan # beautiful,equisite elegant What is skin regime ,favorite perfume,and what are her favorite foods?She is fiercely private.She has written one book a childrens book.She has the best mom in law Queen Noor .


Jordan's Queen Rania: Muslim Apostate or Clever Liar? Back in November, Jordan’s Queen Rania spoke out against the Islamic terror organization ISIS, saying that the videos of ISIS beheadings are “alien and abhorrent to the vast majority .

Queen Rania of JordanPomodoroBrought to you by Cookies In Bloom and Hannah's Caramel Apples

Queen Raina of Jordan. In some ways it could be said she's like the Princess Diana of the Middle that's she's beautiful but also very smart and works hard on the behalf of important causes, in Raina's case education.