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a painting of people sitting under a tree in a field with grass and flowers on the ground
Le repos dans le jardin, Argenteuil (C Monet - W 408)
a painting of water lilies and trees
a painting of trees and water in the background with sunlight coming through them, along with green foliage
Le Moulin de Limetz (C Monet - W 1210a)
an oil painting of waves crashing on rocks in the ocean with dark clouds above them
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a painting of a river with trees in the foreground
a painting of a vase with flowers on a table in front of a window sill
classical art
a painting of two people walking in the grass with trees behind them and one person holding a child's hand
Pissarro, Camille - Apple trees, Sunset, Eragny - 1896
an oil painting of people sitting at tables in the street
Van Gogh In The Park - Art Exhibit at the Hoge Veluwe National Park
a bunch of flowers that are on the ground in front of a black background with red, white and blue flowers
tumblr drawings sketches
a painting of a ship sailing in the ocean under a moonlit sky with clouds
ivan konstantinovich aivazovsky | Tumblr