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once in life....Amazing!!!!

Once in lifetime photo. surfing with whales - note, obvi I don't condone surfing that close to a whale, only reposting because it is a pretty god damned amazing picture!

And if someone breaks your heart, I'll eat their face. Love, Rumple bearskins. I always felt like this with my Deus! I MISS HIM SO MUCH...

This goes for Rotties and all dogs bc thats what dogs are. Rottweiler will give up their life for you, Rottie's love is a forever love. Loyal and full heartedly Loving


Thailand Travel Guide Places to Visit-Thailand offers lush mountains in the North, a bustling city in Bangkok, white sandy beaches in the South, unique

Largest Mastiff Breed | ... dog the great dane dog by the name of george is the tallest largest

The Great Dane dog by the name of George is the tallest/largest dog ever recorded. George started out its life as a puppy with oversize paws. Finally, it would grow in the paws. This is photoshopped