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an intricately designed bed spread with birds and flowers on the top, along with other patterns
My ancient cloths
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Batik indonesia
batik Indonesia
a man sitting in front of an old weaving machine holding a piece of cloth on it
too old make this :D bravo nanny
an intricately designed design on a gray background with gold and black accents, in the shape of a flower
Bird Ornaments
Amazing details
a woman in black shirt and head scarf cutting fabric with scissors on table next to white cloth
a woman sitting on a stool next to an umbrella
'elderly woman making traditional batik ' Poster by noegrr
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a blue and red blanket with horses on it's sides, sitting on a table
Batik cap @rumah_batik_jigi
Batik cap
an orange and black abstract design on a brown background, with small dots in the center
a close up of many different colored buttons on a table cloth with white stitching
Batik tulis @rumah_batik_jigi
Batik tulis
a black and white quilt with red flowers on it
rumah batik jigi product
batik cap
many different colored fabrics are laid out together
Batik cap
Batik cap, bahan katun halusan
a blue and yellow area rug sitting on top of a wooden floor
Batik cap @rumah batik jigi
Batik cap prima
an old rug is laying on the floor in front of a wooden flooring surface
an artistic painting with blue and orange colors on it's surface, including flowers
Batik Pattern stock photo. Image of drawing, decor, backgrounds - 13804340
Batik Pattern, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
a vase filled with lots of flowers sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wall
Batik Demakan Pekalongan