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A Dictionary-style post detailing a selection of phrases to be used by Thief characters in RPGs
Thieves' Cant 40
A sample of made-up phrases to use for RPG characters that know Thieves Cant. Might be used by Rogues, thieves, bandits, assassins, fences, etc. #dnd #dnd5e #rpg #rogue #thief #worldbuilding
the back cover of an article about warhammer
Warlock Otherworldly Patrons (New & Updated) - Forge Pacts of Awesome Power with 7 New Otherworldly Patrons! Includes 7 Pact Boons and 25 Invocations. PDF in comments
the anatomy of a woman's face and body
the silhouettes of men in swimsuits are shown with different angles and sizes
Fundoshi o Shitaobi archivos - Cómo se cubrió un cuerpo
an info sheet with instructions on how to use ninjas for martial training and competition
Homepage -
a woman dressed as a witch holding a wand and wearing a black outfit with red beads
Paladins Everywhere
Paladins Everywhere
a man dressed in a costume and hat with his hands out to the side, standing
The Brown Prophet, Graey Erb