German Grammar (Deutsche Grammatik)

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Rules, tips and tricks to learn the German Grammar easily, quickly and efficiently! Regeln, Tipps und Tricks, um die deutsche Grammatik leicht, schnell und effizient zu lernen!
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German Adjective Endings - Readers asking

My friend Katrina has a question about a certain part of my eBook "The Mrs Deutsch method on the German adjectival endings". So, what about that "es"? This i...

How to Learn the Interrogative Pronouns in German (w-Wörter)

One More Learning Tool from! Download the Table with the Interrogative Words and Memorize them Easily and Quickly with a Simple Trick! You can download the file here: VIEL SPASS BEIM DEUTSCHLERNEN!!!

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WINNERS of the GIVEAWAY! eBook for Two!

These are the two lucky friends who won the contest for the 1.000 likes on Facebook and the 1.000 subscribers on Youtube! They both received my eBook "The MrsDeutsch Method on the German Adjectival Endings" per EMail FOR FREE! Congratulations and THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT!!!

German GrammarThing 1Competition

WIN the eBook! | Mrs Deutsch is celebrating more than a 1.000 subscribers on Youtube and a 1.000 likes on Facebook! Celebrate with me, enter the competition and 2 OF YOU will get my eBook //The MrsDeutsch method on the German adjectival endings// for FREE!!! THANK YOU GUYS SOOO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING ME!!! Viel Spa? noch beim Deutschlernen!!! You can enter the competition by clicking on: or you can buy it on…

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How to Pronounce the Umlaut (ä, ö, ü) in German!

Are you Having Trouble Saying the Umlaut in German? Not Any More! This Little Trick will solve the Problem Once and For All! The Explanation that Will Help you Out with those Funny German Sounds!

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When to use Nominative, Dative or Accusative in German

How can you tell which Case to use every time in German? Quick Explanation of 3 of the 4 German Cases (Fälle)! - Kasus bestimmen- 4JzI_DVQFN4|||1 Like me on Facebook: http://www. facebook.

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How to Distinguish Regular, Irregular and Mixed Verbs in German

Easily and Quickly Explained! Learn how to tell if a Verb is Regular, Irregural or Mixed! 6Uc9MptQ2EM|||1 Like me on Facebook: http://www. facebook. com/ilovedeutschcomFollow me on Twitter:

Definite And Indefinite ArticlesGerman GrammarTips And Tricks

What is the Difference between Definite and Indefinite Article in German?

This is a video request from a friend who wants to know: When do we use 'der, die, das' and when do we use 'ein, eine, ein'? Watch this video and find out! B4Jc5uIpZNs|||1 Like me on Facebook:

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When to use "kein" or "nicht" in German!

The negation in German can some times be confusing! No worries! MrsDeutsch shows you the easy way with this short, enlightening video! m2UjD6pc-AI|||1 Like me on Facebook: http://www. facebook.

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Why do Germans say EINES NACHTS?

If the correct type of the noun 'eine Nacht' is in Genitiv 'einer Nacht', the why do Germans some times say 'eines Nachts'? Watch and find out! ;) qgpBR71miBo|||1 Like me on Facebook:

How to build Konjunktiv II in German (EASY)

You Think Konjunktiv II is Too Complicated? Let Me Show You an Easier Way to Build it Correctly Every Single Time! ZVuEhJCYRmo|||1 Like me on Facebook: http://www. facebook.

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How to Build the Passive Voice in German

Learn how to convert a sentence from active voice into passive voice in the German language easily, in simple steps, in a couple of minutes! lVi1HrjfIGo|||1 Like me on Facebook: http://www.

Dependent ClauseGerman GrammarBart SimpsonTips And Tricks

How to Build a Dependet Clause (Nebensatz) in German! VERY EASY

Wanna know how to build any dependent clause (or a subordinate clause) in a few simple steps? Piece of cake! Check out this video!

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All the tenses in the German language!

Get an overview of a regular german verb in all tenses in the German language! Present, Simple Past, Present Perfect, Past Perfect and both the Future Tenses are all here in one video!

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How to identify the gender in German nouns (masculine, feminine or neuter?)

Too hard to memorize the articles of every single German noun? Here are some tricks you can use to 'guess' right a lot of them, and spare yourself some time! 9K2Q_PFaIow|||1 Like me on Facebook:

The TeKaMoLo rule in the German language!

What is the TeKaMoLo rule and how does this help you put words in a correct order in a German sentence? Watch my video and find out!For more videos, tipps an...