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Christmas/Weihnachten, German-English Vocabulary!

In this annotated glossary, you’ll find vocabulary and facts related to the Christmas celebration and Christmas customs in German-speaking Europe and in North America! ABBREVIATIONS:adj.

Germany - Christmas traditions & customs

Christmas preparations often begin before December 1st. Many Germans set aside special evenings for baking spiced cakes and cookies, and making gifts and decorations. Little dolls of fruit are


Xmas in Germany - Weihnachten in Deutschland (Customs, Traditions, Vocabulary)

Xmas in Germany - Weihnachten in Deutschland (Customs, Traditions, Vocabulary) Have you ever been in Germany for Christmas? Well, you should! Let me tell you why...

Wortschatz - Vocabulary

"sich bis ins Herz getroffen fühlen" = feeling deeply hurt

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Bielefeld – das gibt’s doch gar nicht

Die Bielefeld-Verschwörung besagt, dass es die Stadt gar nicht gibt. Als kleiner Scherz hat sie begonnen – mittlerweile machen sich die Menschen damit über die Stadt lustig. Die Bielefelder ärgert das nicht.‎..

Germany plans soon to open a "zero-waste" supermarket

Everyone wants to contribute a smaller carbon footprint, but it’s quite difficult when 80% of stock sold in supermarkets is wrapped in toxic packaging. In effect, Americans still produce near 3

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Why do Germans say EINES NACHTS?

If the correct type of the noun 'eine Nacht' is in Genitiv 'einer Nacht', the why do Germans some times say 'eines Nachts'? Watch and find out! ;) qgpBR71miBo|||1 Like me on Facebook:

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How To Read Books Faster (in German or Any Other Foreign Language)

Do You Struggle Reading Books in Languages Other than your Mother Language? Does Reading a Book in German take For Ever? Do it the Right Way, Enjoy Reading and Save Time! F56nPUat7Yw|||1 Like me on

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Top 10 German Movies For Learners

Learning German with stories is an effective and fun way to practice and enjoy yourself at the same time. I’ve already written about a selection of German short stories. Today, I’d like to

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SCHÖN or SCHON? How to remember the meaning of both! (Easy trick)

Are You Comfused About These Two German Words? Do You Forget Often Which One Means BEAUTIFUL And Which One Means ALREADY? With This Brilliant Trick You Got Your Problem Solved Once And For All!